Kickstart your performance testing

Do you test performance when your team develops new feature? Why not? Performance testing is often found as difficult and omitted by developers.

I’d like to take you on a pragmatic trip through web application performance testing. We’ll start with low-effort activities taking rough assumptions to get immediate results. Then we’ll learn what drawbacks and trade-offs we’ve made and try to improve accuracy of our measurements.

We’ll exercise various scenarios so that you can grasp broad, holistic approach to the topic:

  • Performance checks during exploratory testing (e.g. Fiddler, Charles proxy, YSlow, Chrome dev tools)
  • Load generation (e.g. JMeter, Gatling)
  • Application Performance Management solutions (e.g. New Relic)
  • Utilising staging/dogfooding/demo environments to learn about performance
  • Monitoring tools (e.g. ELK, Splunk, Grafana, Graphite)
  • Data volume testing
  • Using Selenium to get client side performance metrics

Given 3 hours I’ll not go into details of above aspects. I’ll cut theory to bare minimum. I’ll concentrate on specific, hands-on examples showing value of given approach. After each example you’ll be tasked to execute similar exercise during our workshop.


  • Convince that performance testing is not a secret knowledge for chosen ones.
  • Learn variety of attempts to performance testing.
  • Learn portfolio of tools that will help you test performance.

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