Wojtek Ptak

Freeride biker, snowboarder and skier by heart. Massive supporter of transformations towards the culture of data-driven organizations. Focused on building the team which constantly evolves towards using the full potential of concepts like evolutionary or event-driven architectures, planned together with all stakeholders in mind (yes, the “Business” as well).

Wojtek is a co-founder of AI experts boutique Intelligene as well as a CTO of FreshMail, where he focuses on developing the team and baking business solutions based on large-scale data integration and analysis systems pouring them with some Machine Learning and AI sweet chili sauce.

There, together with the team, he works on transforming and developing product’s architecture in a complex system with a dose of legacy code on a proper scale which enables the right kind of challenges. While doing so, they put the primary emphasis on a deep understanding of the business needs that combine the perspectives of different stakeholders interests in the project expressed with thousands of orange sticky notes.

Wojtek is also one of the Avanscoperta Event Storming Summit 2018 members (together with Mariusz Gil).

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